To touch a heart, to spin a dream, to share a thought, a love, a special memory..these are the things that make life meaningful - Karin


I create designs full of nostalgia to inspire and create a sense of harmony with nature and others.  May Gibbs, Margaret Keane and Holly Hobbie influenced me as a child.  The artists I connect with most are Brett Whitely and Vincent van Gogh.

To see my full art portfolio and/or order prints from the large gift range at my online store, please click here.

As a child I loved illustrations I found comforting, that took me on imaginary journeys (Arabian Knights and Rudyard Kipling's Just So stories) and with that in mind, it is my intention to create art that has a similar effect on children.  My inner child is still alive and well and I continue to be in awe of the natural world. I value the beauty of simplicity and the innocence of childhood.  I hope that in some way my paintings bring light, peace, joy and perspective.


Being deeply reflective, I think this feeds through to my art, my creative process has long been thought about before the creation takes place.

My paintings appear simplistic in some ways, but they begin through a whirl of thought processes, combining things I've seen and heard, stories and images.  I weed out the unecessary and include what I feel are the most important aspects, stylising my work as I go.


We unfortunately live in a timepoor world so my intention is to relieve tension and support a restive transcendent moment where peace is found.  Temporary breaks in mindful moments, allow for a rest in the mind's relentless patterns of thought, a gentle restart.  I believe in mindfulness, meditation and exercise for whole body mind balance.

My favourite thing to do (besides painting) is beach walking, where much inspiration and perspective are found. For me there is no other greater enchantment than the sea.


Nature is my inspiration and the ocean my muse.  I am self taught and also an enthusiastic iPhone Macro Photographer and poet.


Recently to my great surprise, I learned I am a descendent of two very famous artists, John Constable and John Milton.


My dream would be to live in a lighthouse on a remote mountain, leading simple life with my best friend Scotty, a backyard full of nature with wildlife for company and the ocean as my front yard.  Perfect bliss.

Painting details

My paintings usually take somewhere between 4 and 12 hours to complete, depending on whether or not I create an underdrawing, or work only with digital brushes.  My early works were mixed media but I now create most of my work using digital brushes on a digital tablet with a stylus pen.  The process is great for me, requiring less clean up and I really enjoy it more than I did working with mixed media.  To see my my full art portfolio and prints, please click here.  

Photography details

My photography is usually taken with an iPhone and I often use Olloclip Macro lenses, I also have an Olympus camera, which I'm learning to use.  I love to get up close to nature, especially jumping spiders, they have such cute and inquisitive natures and really interact.  To see my full photography portfolio, please click here.

Prints & Products

Prints of my paintings are available from my online store.  I have a large range of printed items, gifts, cards, wall art, canvas, framed prints, coffee mugs and travel mugs, scarves, skirts, leggings, pouches, journals, notebooks, tshirts, hoodies, clothes for babies, tshirts for children, tote bags, drawstring bags, duvets

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